What if You Stop Automatically Believing Your Own Thoughts?

We all have thoughts that go through our minds almost constantly throughout the day. Most of the time we tend to automatically believe the thoughts we have. But if you pause for a moment, you can easily become the witness to your own thoughts.

Now, once you start becoming aware of your thoughts, there are 2 key things to notice:

1. Your thoughts tend to happen automatically. You don’t choose them.

2. Your thoughts aren’t necessarily the truth.

So, what happens if you stop automatically believing every thought that pops into your head? I don’t mean you should automatically disbelieve every thought. I’m just saying: what happens if you question them? Just stop assuming they are automatically correct.

This is particularly important when you have thoughts about yourself, or about other people. For example, if you do something stupid, and you automatically think to yourself, “I’m so stupid.” Ask yourself: Am I? Am I really?

But what about really happy thoughts too? “I’m so talented! I’m the best!” Are you? Is this absolutely true?

Or let’s say somebody is really nasty or rude to you, and you automatically think, “They’re so rude! They’re such a nasty person!” Are they? Are they really? Or did they just make a mistake in how they behaved towards you? 

The same with your beliefs about life and the world. What happens if you stop taking them so seriously? What happens if you stop assuming that they are the truth? 

Who would you be without your thoughts and beliefs? What happens if you just let them go, let them fall like sand through your fingers? Does anything bad happen? Do you die?

Image by Laughing at the Sky

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