Vitamins, Breakfast, Weight Loss, Sugar, Dementia & Antacids

Here are several articles written by nutritionist Patrick Holford that are well worth reading:

Vitamins – a waste of money?
Here he talks about how there has been some bad press recently about the use of nutrition supplements to treat or prevent illnesses. He points out that the studies used were flawed, and that numberous other studies show great benefits for specific nutrients for certain health problems

The best breakfast to lose weight
To cut a long story short, if you are looking to lose weight, eat a breakfast that includes lots of protein. You will end up eating less the rest of the day because your blood sugar will stay more stable.

The hot health stories of 2013
Here he looks at some big developments in health and nutrition during 2013. These are: that it’s not fatty food that make you fat, but sugary foods; that dementia can be prevented; and that antacid drugs are bad for your health.

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