The Juice Master’s Protein Smoothie Recipe

About 6 years ago I got really into juicing, thanks to Jason Vale, also known as the Juice Master. Then a couple of years ago, I started drinking freshly made protein smoothies.

What’s so great about fresh protein smoothies?

Well, you get all the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables that you would get from a juice, but the big difference is, by adding in some protein, this slows down the rate at which it is digested. This means it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and keeps your blood sugar more stable.

Here is the Juice Master himself showing one of his great protein smoothie recipes:

But you can vary the recipe loads. Different fruit, different veg, different seeds, add yoghurt, add blueberries. Whatever takes your fancy.

Here’s a little secret:

If you drink a lot of these kinds of smoothies most days, you will almost certainly feel more alive, have more energy, and probably lose weight too.

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