How much time do you spend on the computer? The internet can be such an addictive thing, because it’s the entire world in digital form. It contains EVERYTHING.

I use the computer a lot. One thing I have found though, is if I force myself to have a whole day away from the computer, I feel better. It forces me to spend my time in other ways: reading, journal writing, meditation, doing nothing, or even watching TV. Yes, I know that’s still using technology and watching a screen, but watching TV on a TV set feels different to watching it on a computer screen. There isn’t the same endless amount of choice. You see, too much choice can be a bad thing.

However, on evenings when I’ve not looked at any screen, and just relaxed and done some reading and/or writing, I feel much more relaxed. I fall asleep easier, and it feels like a better quality sleep.

In the past, I’ve sometimes had computer-free weekends, especially if the weather has been nice. But now I’m trying to make myself have more days away from the computer, during the week too. I realise that for many people who work on computers, this is not possible. Instead, try just having whole evenings away from the computer, after you’ve come home from work.

It’s interesting what happens when you choose to do this. If you struggle to fill your time without a computer, that speaks volumes. For me, I try to think back to what life was like before I ever had the internet. Yesterday I had a non-computer day. I spent much of the afternoon chatting with my parents, and then spent 2 hours talking on the phone to a great friend of mine. If I lived in the same town as him, I would have gone to see him in person.

Computers are wonderful. The internet is wonderful. However, I think it’s great to get into the habit of having periods set aside for pretending that computers don’t exist. But I would take it even further beyond that. I’d say that modern life is too hectic. We’ve become too accustomed to always having things we have to get done, and then after that always being continuously entertained. It’s good to create some space in your life, slow things down, and reconnect with yourself and how you feel.

It’s in those quiet moments when you’re not “doing something” or “being entertained” where the true beauty of life is. That’s where you will find your truth.

So create some space in your life, settle down, do nothing for a while, just feel what is true…and go from there.

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