Nutritionist Patrick Holford has written a new blog post which talks about the prevention of illnesses. He says that although prevention has become the new trend, the tendency is to use drugs as the preventative measure. The problem with this is that it means that a lot of people, many of whom aren’t actually ill yet, will be encouraged to take drugs in order to try to stay healthy. Doesn’t that strike you as insane? How did any human ever stay healthy before these drugs were invented?

This is what I find as such a double standard with the government’s “war on drugs”. They aren’t against people taking drugs, they just want everyone to take drugs that will earn a good profit for a large drugs company, rather than for a street dealer. This is the nonsense of the whole situation, because the reason they make street drugs illegal is apparently because of the potential bad effects they can have, yet prescription drugs come with a whole host of potentially damaging effects. It’s nonsense.

The message I’m trying to get across is not that you should go out and score some illegal drugs. No, I’m saying you should try to avoid taking ANY drugs at all if possible. If you can improve your health in non-drug ways, then that is fantastic. That is the ideal situation really. Drugs should always be a last resort, when absolutely nothing else is going to work.

Prevention should be about nutrition and lifestyle changes. Health is not just about a lack of illness, it is about the presence of wellness. People don’t get ill because of a deficiency of drugs. And if you want long-term, sustainable wellness, it really has to be drug-free, because most drugs come with side-effects or some type of “come down”. Most drugs just replace one symptom with several new ones.

It’s like, we know that smoking damages your health, so the solution to that is to try to stop smoking, not to say to people, “Oh, yeah, you can keep smoking, we’ll just give you these drugs that stop you coughing and hold off the lung cancer for a bit. The only problem is, these drugs cause erectile dysfunction, bowel incontinence and severe acne.” (By the way, I’m not talking about specific drugs here, just trying to illustrate a point.)

Also, we know that drinking too much alcohol ruins your health, so alcoholics need to try to give up alcohol. It’s no good saying to them, “It’s okay, keep drinking, we’ll just give you some drugs to stop it destroying your liver. The only problem is, these drugs make you depressed. But that’s okay, we have another drug for that. The only problem is, it makes you gain weight. But the great news is, we have a new drug for that too!”

The same logic even applies to standard lifestyle issues. If someone eats nothing but junk food and never exercises, they will probably get fat. It doesn’t take a Master’s Degree in Common Sense to figure that one out. They might also develop diabetes. But why give them diabetes medication and an anti-fat pill? No, they don’t need that. What they need is to start eating healthy food and take up cycling or swimming. Again, I thought everyone knew that, right?

Anyway, click here to read Patrick Holford’s blog on the subject. He’s far more qualified than I am to talk about it than I am.

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