Recently there has been some anti-nutrition talk in the media. In particular, they have been saying that vitamin supplements can increase your chances of developing certain diseases.

I recently read an article in the Guardian which took the stance that vitamin supplements could be bad for your health. They focused on studies that have shown that giving high doses of Beta Carotene to smokers increased their chances of developing lung cancer. However, even Nutritionist Patrick Holford says that smokers should not take high doses of Beta Carotene on its own. He says smokers need to supplement it as part of an all-round supplement regime that includes all other related nutrients, and then the reverse becomes true (their health improves).

This is the problem with a lot of scientific studies regarding nutritional supplements. They test one single nutrient in isolation, then see that it causes problems, and therefore conclude that high doses of that nutrient are bad. The problem with that approach is, nutrients work synergistically. All nutrients require other nutrients to complete their action. Even nutritionists that recommend high doses of Vitamin C (e.g. Patrick Holford) say that you should also take a high strength multivitamin.

So no, don’t just take high doses of one nutrient but nothing else. Start with a high strength multivitamin and mineral supplement routine, and then if you need extra nutrients, supplement them in addition. This all goes back to a previous article I wrote about my mother being prescribed high strength Calcium supplements for her weak bones, but then getting chronic headaches because her body was depleted of Magnesium because Calcium and Magnesium work together  – so if you only supplement one of them, you drain your body’s reserves of the other.

This is even true of sugar. Yes, sugar gives you energy, but the body needs more than just the sugar to turn it into energy. B vitamins are needed as well. So if you just eat sugar, yes it will give you a brief burst of energy, but to do so it will use up your body’s stores of B vitamins. Then you become vitamin B deficient, which means depression, lack of energy, etc. No need to drink sugary energy drinks to give you a burst of energy. Nature’s already got it right by making fruit, which contains vitamins and fiber along with the natural sugar.

Yes, water is great for you, but you won’t function very well if you only consume water and nothing else. But if scientists were to test water in the same way they test individual nutrients, by giving people large amounts of water and nothing else, they’d soon conclude water is bad for your health. What next? Are they going to lock some people in a room full of pure oxygen, not let them out for a month, watch them die of thirst, then conclude that breathing can kill you?

Anyway, that’s my rant over for the time being. .

P.S. We’re all going to die eventually, and one day the sun will eat the Earth. Just to put everything in some kind of context. So don’t forget to smile and dance and laugh and have fun along the way

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