Commentary by Ralph Campbell, M.D. “(OMNS Oct 28, 2013) I’ve seen several pharmaceutical videos about ADHD lately. One started with a cartoon that resembled a “Simpsons” episode. I initially thought it was a gag. It appeared to be a typical presentation about a drug with the usual casual fast-talk about side effects that included death from… Read More

Accidents can happen at any time, but it is often your reactions to these incidents that can determine how severe the outcome is in the end. This is very true for anyone who ever loses a tooth, either by a blow to the face or chewing on something hard enough to cause the tooth to… Read More

This morning I completed the Core Challenge for the first time. I first found out about this a few months ago, and had done part of it, often by doing half the amounts of each exercise listed. You have to do 50 crunches, 15 push ups, 1 minute plank pose, 30 seconds side plank, 1… Read More

From the Institute of Optimum Nutrition: A new study* has found that yoghurts, cereal bars and ready meals marketed to children in the UK often contain more sugar and fat than the adult versions. These food categories were chosen by researchers because they are often perceived as being healthier options than ice-cream, confectionery and fast… Read More

Most people are shocked and embarrassed when they notice a decrease in their sex drive. Although this problem is most often associated with women, a decrease in libido can also affect men. Many of these problems are caused by a medical condition but it is important that each individual consults their primary care physician before… Read More

Over the past decade, the use of alternative medicine has increasingly taken the spotlight in mainstream culture. Natural treatments can not only be more effective than synthetic drugs, but often lack the paragraph of fine-print side effects. Aromatherapy blends, acupuncture, and even meditation and yoga have all proven to be successful ways of relieving stress… Read More

Recently there has been some anti-nutrition talk in the media. In particular, they have been saying that vitamin supplements can increase your chances of developing certain diseases. I recently read an article in the Guardian which took the stance that vitamin supplements could be bad for your health. They focused on studies that have shown… Read More

In yesterday’s post, I spoke about how beneficial it is to just sit with your eyes closed and do nothing. Today I would like to explore this a bit more and look at why it works so well. First, what is actually physically happening when you sit with your eyes closed? Well, according to this… Read More