We all have thoughts that go through our minds almost constantly throughout the day. Most of the time we tend to automatically believe the thoughts we have. But if you pause for a moment, you can easily become the witness to your own thoughts. Now, once you start becoming aware of your thoughts, there are… Read More

One recurring health problem I have had is my digestion, or more specifically, excess flatulence. However, recently I found that by increasing the amount of raw green leafy vegetables I ate I was able to dramatically reduce this problem. To back track slightly: For the last couple of years, I have been a big fan… Read More

I’ve just been reading the chapter on sports nutrition in Patrick Holford’s Optimum Nutrition Bible and also the sports nutrition section in his book 500 Health and Nutrition Questions Answered. The recommended amount of protein intake per days is: 15% of your calories should come from protein. Even if a bodybuilder is training extremely hard, the… Read More

Following on from my previous article, The Present Moment is All You Ever Have, I would like to talk about the related idea of doing only one thing at a time. This is something that I have often struggled with, but it does make a big difference. If you are not used to it, it… Read More

Autism is a complex disorder of brain development that greatly affects communication skills of the affected person. People who are diagnosed with autism tend to have issues related to social interaction, verbal or non-verbal communication and other activities. A lifelong developmental disability, researchers believe that Autism can be detected in the first three years after… Read More

From the : Commentary by Ralph Campbell, M.D. (OMNS Oct 11, 2013) Recently, our local paper promoted a 3K walk/run for “a cure for heart disease” with photos of participants of all sizes and shapes. For enjoying the camaraderie and the feeling of sacrifice for a good cause, the participants paid a $25 entry fee that… Read More

In a previous article, My Parents’ Health & the National Health Service, I briefly mentioned that my mum had managed to cure her constant headaches by taking magnesium supplements. Just recently, while I was meditating, I had a lightbulb moment, where the penny suddenly dropped. I suddenly realised that the reason why my mum had become… Read More

How much time do you spend on the computer? The internet can be such an addictive thing, because it’s the entire world in digital form. It contains EVERYTHING. I use the computer a lot. One thing I have found though, is if I force myself to have a whole day away from the computer, I… Read More

Obviously, cancer is such a big topic. It is also a very controversial one, with a lot of big business invested in the standard medical cancer treatments. So much money has been spent on cancer research for so many years, and yet the standard medical treatments for cancer have a VERY bad success rate. If… Read More

Yesterday I decided to see if I could make a pizza without using cheese, wheat, yeast or meat. The result was actually very tasty, and I highly recommend it. Although I call this a recipe, I used several pre-made products, so this is not a recipe from scratch. However, you should be able to get… Read More