Here is an article which talks about how eating the Mediterranean diet along with a low glycemic load approach reduces diabetes risk. Although this article is a helpful pointer for people, it falls rather short by not really explaining in any detail what it is about the Mediterranean diet that reduces diabetes risk. It also doesn’t go into any detail about how to follow a low GL diet.

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The last part of the article includes some additional things you can do to reduce your diabetes risk – lose weight, stop smoking and exercise. But these are standard things are true for everyone, regardless of their potential for developing diabetes. If you’re overweight, smoke and lead a sedentary lifestyle, your GP is probably already telling you to get some exercise, lose weight and stop smoking. These are really basic healthy lifestyle changes that everyone should make.

There is no information about HOW to stop smoking, HOW to lose weight, or WHAT exercises to do and how often. But if you get the diet and exercise right, the weight loss should follow, so this doesn’t really need to be a piece of advice of its own. If you’ve improved your diet and you’re exercising more and you have NOT lost weight, you’re doing something wrong. The advice then shouldn’t simply be “lose weight”, but what specifically can you improve further about your diet and exercise to make the weight loss happen.

But I’m not just going to leave you dangling there, I’m going to give you some more detailed information on each of these things:

If you want to read in even more depth about these subjects, I recommend the following books:

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