Yesterday I came across this news story about a man who has invented his own nutritional drink that provides all the food and nutrients your body needs. He claims a person can replace all their food with just this one drink and be totally healthy. 

This is similar to My Protein, Fruit & Vegetable Super Smoothie Recipe, but done more scientifically with the goal of totally replacing all food. 

I know that many people will look at this and think, “How boring. I enjoy eating, so why would I want to replace all my food with just one drink?!” But here are some key facts (based on what he says) that make this seem like it could actually be a good idea:

  • It’s cheaper than food – how many people in the world have sub-optimal nutrition just because they are poor and can’t afford good healthy food?
  • It saves time – how many people eat rubbish junk food most of the time because they don’t know how to cook, or because they are too tired or lazy?
  • It could end world hunger – if charities made this drink in bulk and then distributed it to the starving of the world, I wonder how many more people could be fed than with normal food?

Of course, you may still be saying, Yes, but I enjoy eating food. Why would I want to give that up and just drink the same boring drink every day instead?” 

This is a good point, but let’s remind ourselves that the enjoyment of food is actually just a biological trick to get us to feed our bodies with the right nutrients. And for too long now we have been fooling our bodies by eating food that tastes nice but has very little of the nutritional value that food is supposed to have. For example, we only enjoy eating sweet foods because fruit is sweet and with that sweetness comes all the nutrients.

I would argue that the situation we, as a human race, have got ourselves into, is more insane than what this man has come up with. I think it’s more insane to eat cakes and biscuits and burgers, and fool our bodies by eating food that satisfies our taste buds but doesn’t really properly fuel our body. What this man has invented is the complete opposite of that. It’s a way of properly fueling the body without indulging the taste buds. I think that’s actually less crazy, from a health standpoint. 

Of course, personally, I would prefer to eat great tasting healthy food. I think that’s the ideal. But for the reasons I have outlined above (e.g. starving people, poor people, lazy people), there are vast sections of the Earth’s population that could benefit from this. I’m serious. You think I’m wrong? Okay, you go and cook fancy 3-course meals for all the starving people in Africa.