Here is author, philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris talking about the present moment. Here I present 2 videos, a long one and a short one. I first came across the short one, which is under 6 minutes and contains edited highlights from a full lecture by him. Then I found the full version. I thought I would share them both, depending on how much time you have got and how deep you want to go with this.

Sam Harris – It Is Always Now

This short version is only 5:42 long and contains edited highlights set to inspiring video footage. If you’re short on time or just want to get the main idea, definitely watch this this one. 

Sam Harris – Death and the Present Moment

This video is 56:30 long, and is the full lecture that the above video was edited from. It is definitely well worth watching, and I highly recommended it if you can possibly find the time. I must admit, I myself was unsure whether I would be able to sit through nearly an hour, but I’m so glad I did. The whole lecture is totally fascinating and extremely well presented.

Topics covered include: religion, our perception of death, consciousness, the present moment, and why we do the things we do. It even includes a guided mindfulness meditation session.

My advice? Set aside some time today to watch this. Don’t watch the news this evening, or whatever else it was you were going to watch. Don’t waste time just randomly surfing the internet. Instead, set aside an hour to sit comfortably and watch this. If you have any interest in the nature of life, consciousness and reality, you’ll be really glad you watched this.

Image by Roger Lynn

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