Good Nutrition and a Healthy Lifestyle is Better Than Drugs

Here is a great video by nutritionist about how drugs are actually making people unhealthy, and that the key to good health is good diet and lifestyle:

Some key points raised in the video:

  • 3,000 people in the UK die from internal bleeding caused by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.
  • Cox 2 drugs promote blood-clotting, increase risk of heart disease.
  • Doctors are financially rewarded for testing your cholesterol and lowering it with drugs.
  • The top 3 selling statin drugs have generated over $200billion to date.
  • 1,000 healthy, but at-risk, people have to take statin drugs in order to prevent just one death from a heart attack. However, 100 of these people will probably develop significant adverse effects.
  • Most doctors are not adequately trained in nutrition.
  • We are losing the cancer war, despite the extremely harsh cancer treatments that have been developed.
  • Our ancestors ate fresh wholefoods and were very physically active.
  • These days we eat far too much sugar and don’t get enough exercise. This is why we’re fat and get diabetes.
  • Twice as many people die from obesity than die from starvation.
  • Some drugs interfere with the body’s absorption of nutrients. But further drugs are available to combat these bad effects caused by drugs.
  • You don’t get ill due to a lack of drugs, so why are drugs the preferred treatment?
  • Widespread anti-depressant use increases the incidences of suicide.
  • Anti-psychotic drugs that were originally meant for schizophrenia were renamed “mood stabilisers” and given to the increasing number of people diagnosed with bipolar, along with the anti-depressants. This doubles the number of drugs that can be prescribed, which means the drug companies make more money.
  • Genes only play a small role in disease.
  • You can turn some genes on or off with the right diet and lifestyle.
  • We are the only species that drinks the milk of another species. We are also the only species that drinks milk into adulthood.
  • Countries with more doctors don’t have less disease. Nor do countries that spend more on healthcare.
  • When doctors go on strike, the death rate falls.
  • People don’t die from taking vitamin supplements. You’re more likely to get struck by lightning.

You still think your doctor knows what’s best for your health? Still think those drug companies are interested in you being healthy? Still think it’s okay to sit around eating junk food and then go to the doctor for a prescription drug if you get ill?

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