Have you ever written a journal? By that I mean writing down your thoughts and feelings, as opposed to a diary, where you record events. Of course, you can record events in a journal too, but its main purpose should be to put your inner world into words.

I have written a journal on and off for the past few years and I usually find I feel most happy and calm when I regularly write in it. It’s a form of self-therapy, a safe place where you can say whatever you want without being criticised by someone else.

The journey of life is along a bumpy road. No matter whom you are, where you live, how much money you have, how many great friends you have, whether you’re in love or enjoying being single…sooner or later things happen which disrupt your world. You get upset, angry, sad, frustrated, irritated, or just confused. This is life.

Problems and challenges can make us better people, if we are able to not be totally ground down by them. Often our thoughts and feelings can be swirling round inside us, only half understood.

By writing thoughts and feelings down, you clarify them as you put them into words. This means you get a better understanding of what is bothering you. You will be honest with yourself, because you are just writing it down for yourself.

Daily journal writing is a great habit. In the past, I have often fallen into the bad habit of only writing in my journal when I have something negative to write about. However, it is also good to write in your journal when you are feeling happy, as this helps you get clarity on what uplifts you as well as what pushes you down.

One good habit to get into is to read the previous day’s journal entry, and then comment on it in today’s journal entry. This lets you get more perspective on things, because sometimes even just 24 hours is long enough for you to calm down and feel differently about something. One day you might write something like “I felt upset today because…” but then the next day you might write “I’m not so upset now about what happened yesterday because today…”

It’s like having a best friend that always only has only your interests at heart, and that’s important because you don’t always know whether other people are always going to be there for you. By writing in your journal every day, you always have someone who is willing to listen. Best of all, it’s free!

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