Beating Cancer with Nutrition

Obviously, cancer is such a big topic. It is also a very controversial one, with a lot of big business invested in the standard medical cancer treatments.

So much money has been spent on cancer research for so many years, and yet the standard medical treatments for cancer have a VERY bad success rate. If you compare that to a student or apprentice trying to learn a particular skill, their teacher would have long ago said to them, “Look, you’re just no good at this; it’s really not for you. Go home and let someone else have a go!”

The standard medical treatments for cancer have, on the whole, failed. They’ve had their time. They are not effective enough. It’s time to explore other options.

Here is a series of 3 videos by Andrew Saul, phD, on how to beat cancer with nutritional therapy.

Part 1 – Intravenous Megadose Vitamin C

Here Andrew Saul talks about how intravenous megadoses of vitamin C will selectively kill cancer cells, without the damage to healthy cells that results from chemotherapy.

Part 2 – Vegetable Juice Therapy (AKA Gerson Therapy)

Here he talks about the benefits of drinking large quantities of fresh vegetable juices, as a way to rid the body of toxins.

Part 3 – How the Medical Profession Has it Wrong

How you can increase your chances of beating cancer by using nutritional therapy, instead of relying on the standard medical cancer treatments which don’t work very well.

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