Commentary by Ralph Campbell, M.D.

“(OMNS Oct 28, 2013) I’ve seen several pharmaceutical videos about ADHD lately. One started with a cartoon that resembled a “Simpsons” episode. I initially thought it was a gag. It appeared to be a typical presentation about a drug with the usual casual fast-talk about side effects that included death from a stroke. It was so straightforward yet insidious and comical, that it simply had to be a satire. I enjoyed the presentation right up to the end, only to find that it was real. It was an ad that had nothing to do with ADHD. The drug goes under the name of Abilify and was supposed to be given along with an antidepressant when the antidepressant alone wasn’t working. The video got me thinking of how I’ve always wanted to see a satire of this type of drug ad. It would be so refreshing to see a cartoon that would bash the drug for a change.”

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