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What Really Causes Kidney Stones (And Why Vitamin C Does Not)

From “A recent widely-publicized study claimed that vitamin C supplements increased the risk of developing kidney stones by nearly a factor of two. The study stated that the stones were most likely formed from calcium oxalate, which can be formed in the presence of vitamin C (ascorbate), but it did not analyze the kidney stones […]

Are Tropical Fish in Danger of Getting Kidney Stones from Vitamin C?

From “(OMNS Feb 6, 2013) Once again, the possibly over-medicated media are trying to scare you off vitamin C supplements. Not to worry: this happens every now and then. In my 37 years in the natural health arena, I have observed that the old “vitamin C causes kidney stones” legend dies mighty hard. The mythical […]

How to strengthen your immunity this winter

From Poor nutrition is the most common cause of a weakened immune system, so it’s vital you eat a healthy, balanced diet. Your immune strength is totally dependent on an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals and other immune-  boosting nutrients. Colourful salads and dark green vegetables are loaded with flu-fighting Phytonutrients, so pile your […]

Coconut oil benefits for Alzheimer’s & weight loss

From I first heard of ketones in the 80’s when the Atkins diet took off. People reported weight loss eating less carbs and more fat and protein, which switched their body into ‘ketosis’ whereby the body produces more ketones. At the time ketones were thought to be toxic by-products of metabolism however we now […]