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Vitamin Supplement Safety Confirmed by America’s Largest Database

From (OMNS Jan 30, 2013) The new annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin D, or vitamin E. Two people are alleged to have died from vitamin supplements in the year 2011, according to AAPCC’s interpretation of […]

Antioxidants Prevent Cancer and Some May Even Cure It

From (OMNS Jan 24, 2013) It is widely accepted that antioxidants in the diet and supplements are one of the most effective ways of preventing cancer. Nevertheless, Dr. James Watson has recently suggested that antioxidants cause cancer and interfere with its treatment. James Watson is among the most renowned of living scientists. His work, […]

Deepak Chopra explains The Mechanics of Meditation

Here is a great short video where Deepak Chopra explains how to approach mantra meditation. By the way, you can use any sound as your mantra, it really doesn’t matter, although it is better if it is a meaningless sound so that your mind doesn’t get attached to its meaning. Try using “ommm”.

Video About High Dose Vitamin C

Here is a fantastic video showing the effectiveness of high dose vitamin C. It follows the story of the father of an Australian family who was so ill that the doctors gave up on him and wanted to turn his life support machine off, but his family insisted he be given intravenous vitamin C. It […]

Weight Loss Should Be Easy: Brain Loss Shouldn’t Be

Here is a fantastic video by Kerry McCarpet on the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables: