Yesterday I decided to see if I could make a pizza without using cheese, wheat, yeast or meat. The result was actually very tasty, and I highly recommend it.

Although I call this a recipe, I used several pre-made products, so this is not a recipe from scratch. However, you should be able to get these products (or something similar) in your local health food shop.

You Will Need:


  1. Make the pizza dough as instructed on the packet.
  2. Spread a thick layer of pate over the pizza base.
  3. Chop up the tomatoes and vegetables; use as much or as little as you want; sprinkle them over the pate.
  4. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of each of the seeds over the pizza.
  5. Spoon about half a jar of pasta sauce over the top.
  6. Cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or as instructed on pizza dough packet.


  • Serves 3 or 4 people as part of a meal with other food, 2 people when eaten on its own, or 1 really greedy/hungry person.
  • To make this a healthier meal, serve alongside a generous portion of raw green leafy vegetables, e.g. watercress and spinach.

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